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Social Responsibility

Special projects that run in conjunction with the Children’s Communication Centre is where VDS Media devotes its spare time.

This Centre offers a specialised programme for children with a speech/language or hearing impairment. Children with hearing impairment and language delay are integrated into small classes in a pre-primary environment focusing on language stimulation. The centre’s philosophy is to focus on the individual needs of each child, using a multidisciplinary team of specialists.

Statement Of Need

Children with severe communication difficulties require specialised intervention at a pre-school level, with an emphasis on the development of oral language and effective listening skills. As specialised language pre-schools are not available in the public sector and only two private language units operate within Gauteng, parents are faced with little or no choice when sourcing appropriate services and schooling for these children.

Services Offered

The Children’s Communication Centre strives to be a centre of excellence in the identification and management of pre-school children with specific speech, language and hearing impairment. This is achieved in a multi-disciplinary framework through the provision of:

  • Early diagnosis and multidisciplinary management of pre-schoolers with speech, language and hearing difficulties, including assessment, therapy and teaching in a small, nurturing, language-rich classroom environment with strong parent involvement.
  • Individualised, intensive therapy
  • Pre-school programme
  • Speech therapy
  • Audiological services
  • Therapies other than Speech Therapy (Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Clinical Psychology)
  • Aftercare
  • Afternoon Language Groups
  • Outreach programmes to disadvantaged communities
  • A resource facility for outside professionals
  • Student training
  • A resource for research, education and training.

Community Programs

Specified donations continue to allow the centre to implement and develop various outreach projects. Current projects are ongoing and encompass the following:

Child Sponsorship Project

The necessity for providing financial assistance for those unable to afford the fees continues, and fundraising provides partial financial support for families who are unable to afford school fees. A small Bursary Committee carefully monitors the need for financial assistance.

Outreach Groups

Many children are from homes in the Johannesburg area who present with delays in their receptive and expressive language development as well as their feeding and speech development. These delays can have a significant effect on a child’s physical, social, emotional and educational development. The centre feel’s very strongly about giving back to the community and therefore runs a number of outreach initiatives in the hope of helping these children develop functional feeding and communication skills, as well as language to facilitate learning.

The centre runs two weekly groups at Mother Theresa’s Children’s Home. In addition one of the Speech/Language Therapists supervises individual therapy sessions for children from various children’s homes in the surrounding areas.


The Society is a Public Benefit Organisation, with its own PBO number. It is primarily funded by the Society for Language and Hearing Impaired Children. This is achieved through school fees, parent fundraising and private and corporate donations. Currently, school fees do not cover the running costs, and the centre remains dependent on fundraising and donations to cover costs. Special projects to improve the quality of service delivery are dependent on outside funding. The outreach programs continue to require outside sponsorship. Child sponsorship is increasingly sought for deserving applicants.

Contact Details

Physical address:
5 Jubilee Road
Telephone: +27 11 484 3408
Fax: +27 11 642 4275
Email: cflhic@worldonline.co.za
Website: www.littlecommunicators.co.za

The Children's Communication Center
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