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Delegates - Stand Info

Event sponsors who participate in the tabletop exhibition are solely responsible for the setup and maintenance of their tabletop. A tabletop exhibit ought to be set up at least 2 hours before the event commences. Should this timing not be realizable then a tabletop can be setup the evening before the event begins. Please make these requirements clear with VDS Media before hand.

Specific materials used to accompany the tabletop exhibit may be sent to the venue (brochures, pull up banners, giveaways, audio & visual materials etc.) in advance. Exhibitors are kindly asked to clearly mark the contact details of the company; the name of the person responsible for picking up the materials; as well as a contact number on the package. Please ask us to assist you with the precise postage and address details.

Exhibitors are responsible for the maintenance of the tabletop throughout the event and are also responsible for breaking down & clearing the tabletop post event. All materials that are left behind (brochures, marketing materials) that are not cleared away will be recycled.

Please note that any personal belongings that are left at a tabletop exhibit are considered to be at an owner’s own risk. VDS Media will not be responsible for any loss acquired due to negligence or theft.

Audiovisual equipment and special requirements (power points, additional tables, chairs, etc.) can all be arranged. Please liaise with us directly so that a suitable solution can be catered for.

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