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Delegates - Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at one of the VDS Media events presents an array of seen and unseen advantages. Unique opportunities that maximise industry exposure, product search, education, publicity and networking possibilities arise from advertising and communicating your presence.

Industry Exposure

Exhibitors gain exposure, generate interest and receive feedback on new, existing products and innovative ideas. A personal interaction assisted by the tacit demonstration of your company’s products encourages direct sales and the closure of deals.

Product Search

In addition to delegates and companies that attend industry related events, some conduct private product searches. Research and development executives scout innovative product launches, providing feedback and address the possibilities of including elements in particular product lines.


Having the option to display your product and service offering encourages representatives from various businesses to meet and learn about new developments, governmental & legal requirements and share similar industry related experiences. On site advantages allow for in depth competitor analyses, the evaluation of attendee responses and provide businesses a chance to review current strategies. Simultaneously, customer interaction encourages relevant research with regards to needs specifications and the subsequent tailoring and marketing of products and services.


Create a buzz! The quality and creative presentation of your tabletop encourages conversation and draws the attention of attendees and the relevant media. Exhibiting offers exceptional promotion possibilities as your corporate logo, colours and branding are reinforced consistently throughout events. Repetitive exposure of your products and services are recognised and associated with your company and consequently enhance a powerful market presence.


This setting provides an ideal environment for the exchange of contact details and potential referrals. Delegates opt to attend industry related events and are consequently more willing and open minded to share knowledge and experiences.

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